5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

So you have a wedding around the corner and you’re planning for a magical outdoor ceremony, right? Well, it is important to understand that every step counts. Each tiny detail that is taken care of manifests as a collective whole on your D-day. Stated below are 5 tips to guide you through a picture perfect outdoor wedding ceremony:

1) A wonderful seating:

Most rental companies will offer you a huge array of seating options and it is easy to become derailed while choosing for one! The key is to keep the theme and color of the wedding in mind at all times. You could keep everything white in the backdrop and funk it up with chairs that are loud and vibrant in color or you could keep it single-toned and simple with customized laces, flowers and ribbons as per your theme and requirement. It is also important to focus on the table linens because they play an important role in complementing your seating arrangement. Add color through linens and napkins to enhance the wedding decor as a whole.

2) Go floral

The best way to spruce up an outdoor wedding is by putting a lot of creative floral ideas to great use. You could add some potted plants to make the venue look like a wedding inside a Victorian Flower garden. Consult a florist to help you choose flowers that are appropriate for the occasion and turn the ceremony into a luxurious garden wedding.

3) Dress up the Aisle

Simple or eye-catching, there are several ways to doll up your aisle. Each altar can evoke something special. You could either add flowers to the side of each chair or spruce up the aisle-runner with various sequins, nets or colorful fabrics.

4) Let there be light

A beautiful lighting arrangement can add warmth and cheer to all and sundry. Light up your ceremony with different kind of lights. Stringed bulbs are a popular romantic arrangement which can be integrated with candles, hanging lamps or chandeliers dangling from tree-tops and canopies. Stick to a single hue to create a soothing and elegant ambiance.

5) The nitty gritty of it all

A wedding ceremony is more than just walking down the aisle and sharing vows, put on your creative hat and take time to prepare and focus on ushering and entertaining your guests. You want everyone to remember your wedding and therefore you must pay extra attention to ensure the comfort of all your guests. For starters, have a specialist plan a detailed itinerary that you would like to hand over to all your guests to help them understand ‘what’s next’ in your event list. Get together with friends for suggestions and ideas towards a fun-filled event that would be worth remembering.

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